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So things have been off with me lately

I went to try and figure things out, but every time I try I always end up more confused than when I started. It's like my life is a bunch of Catch-22's and nothing is budging or at lest lossening up to where I cant make progress.

Id throw myself into a musical project, but I am more a collaborator than I am a musician/or song writer. So I depend on people who sing and play guitar. Then I have to hope that they can do anything with my content or stories. I need to show my friend that just cause we arent doing anything musically together any more, that I still can hold my own without him. I have always been in the shadow of his amazing ability to pick up an instrument and be good at it. I need to do it for myself to prove I can complete something and it can be good.

I always wanted to do a "Of Montreal" or "Tilly and the Wall" cover, but to change it up some but still remain true to the origanal there in lies the trick. The last cover I was involved in was an acoustic version of Coheed and Cambrias "Ten Speed".

I been in a weird mood musically, been listening to a lot of Jethro Tull "Stormwatch" and Paul McCartney & The Wings "Band On The Run" (though he is my lest favorite Beatle) then ocasionally I mix it up with some Del The Funkee Homosapien
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