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Last Friday was the Joy Electric show. I was really excited in spite of going alone. I have always wondered how Ronnie Martin performs his live show. I got there during "Foxglove Hunt" and Ronnie was playing drums, so that was cool. I bought some merch and just kind of hung out by myself. It was a really small show maybe 40 people where there, and I just felt like that shy awkward girl who never belongs any where. It was lame cause the whole time I kept trying to get the courage up to ask Ronnie if I could cover his song "Nikola Tesla" on one of my upcoming records. After "Kissing Cousins" (who were okay but I didnt stay and watch them)Ronnie and the guitarist/singer of "Foxglove Hunt/Fine China" came on to do the Joy Electric stuff...

01 - Colours In Dutch
02 - Frivolity
03 - Shefiled Youth
04 - Matahorn
05 - The Memory Of Alpha
06 - Red Will Dye These Hills Of Silver
07 - The Harsh Effects Of Time(Bros Martin)
08 - Fears To Remember (Bros Martin)
09 - Most Terrible Archer
10 - Unknown New Song
11 - Ushering In Of The Magical Era
12 - Monosynth
13 - Quite Quieter Than Spiders

After the show I was like the last to leave, cause my mom was stuck on the highway some where, but it was really cool cause I was walking around and Ronnie engaged me in conversation and it was really cool. Still didnt have the guts to bring up the cover though

As far as my band is going "A Candlelight Vigil" I am never sure about whats going on. At this point I have sent tons of content to the other half, but the last few weeks I havent run into him online, so the balls in his court. It sort of sucks cause we got asked to do a "Late B.P Helium" song called "Rabbit Ears" for a complation, and thats been run by Bryan and he sounds excited cause of what he heard we did with "She's A Rejecter"

Also for you "Tullycraft" fans we were given permission to do "Building The Robot" and if they like it they will put ip on their page for us.

So we have a fan base, and some indie famous support.
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