schoolyardbelle (schoolyardbelle) wrote,

Wishes Beneath The City

Phones seldom pick up on what you called them for, never providing the answer you were searching for, while a machine calculates and decides what grants a proper response. messages go unnoticed and failed to be seen. Information becomes outdated and lost on the ears that fail to offer any kind of reply. A conversation relies on the conviction of the message being relayed back and forth within the conversation. As things start to fall victim to circumstance it's hard to find a reason to even expect a call or response. Words don't always have double meanings, some times they are what they are and should be taken at face value, and their body language will give way to what's beneath the skin. Good intentions never intend to go bad, when they are only trying to offer a break from the daily grind, that wears us down from day to day.
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