schoolyardbelle (schoolyardbelle) wrote,

In Ink Please

Debating getting some new tattoos...

But the hard part is I cant draw worth anything. So I would have to try to find an artist that can do some of the stuff I want to do. I am also thinking that I might need to find myself a female inker since a lot of the stuff I want to do is a tad girlish, cause I think I would feel weird getting my hips done by a male artists or like my wrists or I have toyed around with the stocking seam idea.

I always wanted the quote "Love Just Like Blood Will Always Stain" by Tilly And The Wall. I think it would be in some kind of a script sort of style. I want my sleeves to showcase various styles of artwork, lSpawn, Anime, Kurt Halsey and some of my own. I have always wanted to get some famous tattoo artists to do something and then sign it, such as anyone from LA Ink (even if it will be expensive, it will be an amazing experience) and since I grew up listening to his lengendary metalcore vocals, I really want something done by Daniel Weyandt. Id like to mix a ton of cultures and styles from something adorable and twee influences, to darker images and even some religous elements.

Another thing thats sort of come to my mind and I dont know why, but it would be on my sleeve and it would be a girl with her head turn to the side and she would have a polka dot headband with ribbons attached and they would be flowing down around her shoulders, and she would have like cats eye glasses, and like a vintage polka dot dress.

I guess that it the kind of girl I always wanted to meet too.
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